Handling Resistance

The Handling Resistance Pocketbook, by Mike ClaytonThe Handling Resistance Pocketbook is by author and speaker, Dr Mike Clayton.

There really is no book like this.  Using Mike’s own Onion Model of resistance, you will learn how to understand resistance, engage with it positively and change minds.  These tools and techniques work for resistance to your ideas, sales objections and resistance to change.

“This provided a useful step by step approach to
break down the hurdles, rather than being faced with
blanket resistance and then not knowing where to begin.”
Stella Collins

The Handling Resistance Pocketbook is Mike’s second contribution to the Management Pocketbooks series following his highly successful Management Models Pocketbook. In this book, Mike turns to a topic about which he is passionate: the need to engage positively with resistance.

Whether it is resistance to your ideas, to your sales pitch, or to change, Mike’s Onion Model of resistance will help you understand what is going on.  The book will also give you a pocketful of techniques to handle that resistance in a positive and respectful manner.  There really is not another book like this – covering techniques for resistance to ideas, to sales and to change, and offering a wide range of powerful tools and techniques.


  • Peeling an onionUnderstanding Resistance
  • The Power of Process
  • Stay in Harmony
  • Questioning, Listening & Reframing
  • Resistance to Change
  • Resistance to Sales
  • Handling Conflict
  • Psychological resistance

Download an extract from
The Handling Resistance Pocketbook

“Using thought-provoking frameworks supported with examples and insightful asides, Mike Clayton brings his talent for providing clarity to a challenging and essential topic.
Anyone seeking to influence or lead change will benefit greatly from this work.”
Nick Alcock, Corporate Learning and Organisational Development Manager,
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

You can buy your copy of Handling Resistance Pocketbook from amazon.

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Read the Blog

The accompanying blog covers various aspects of handling resistance – some of which feature in the book: some of which do not.

“I liked his very constructive approach that gave me a feeling that most resistance could be overcome with some simple research, preparation and tools. However, there are also some reassuring sections on what to do if things don’t go to plan and you find yourself in an escalating situation.”

Stella Collins, founder of Stellar Learning
and co-founder of Brain in Business and the Brain Friendly Learning Group
Stella Collins is an expert trainer focusing on communication skills and brain friendly learning. Read Stella’s full review of The Handling Resistance Pocketbook.

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